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Listeners' questions asked and answered by Brian O'Reilly Solicitor on The Moncrieff Show's Inheritance and Will making special at NewsTalk106-108FM 24th August are now posted. Please scroll down to read.   



Last year, every Wednesday night Brian O'Reilly Solicitor, Senior Partner with B.P.O'Reilly & Co. appeared on NewsTalk 106-108 FM's LateNiteLive with Declan Carty to answer listeners' legal queries. Listeners' questions asked and answered on the show remain posted on this website. 


CONFIDENTIALITY! No cases of clients of Brian O'Reilly's law firm are discussed on this site and NewsTalk listeners are free to remain anonymous when they contact the radio station.

The questions asked and answers given are now posted. Please read on:

Legal Costs Accountant

Listener's tribute to Legal Costs Accountant read more

The Cranebow Community Project Uganda

How the Cranebow Community Project can improve The Rule of Law in Uganda read more

Rule of Law. The Pamodzi Project.

Rule of Law. The Pamodzi Project. read more

"Zoogoonist" blocking the road with SUV

Hi There, I have a problem with a neighbour parking his big SUV which is blocking the way to our house. We live in a terraced house down a cul de sac and nobody can get through. I have asked him several times politely to move it and he was very threatening and abusive. What can I do? PG read more

Discriminitation against adopted person

Hi. Is there a law which prevents discrimination against people because they are adopted. Thanks. Pete. read more

Time limit on land dispute

Is there a time limit after which a land deal done through a solicitor for each party can’t be contested. John, Rathgar. read more

Yet more noisy exhausts

Could you please ask the Legal Eagle what is the legal situation regarding modified exhaust pipes on cars. Can I call the gardai if they are unusually loud? Dara, Cork. read more

Partner's visa expiring

Hello Dil. I love the show. I am a gay male in a relationship with a Brazilian man for three years. His visa is up next week. We have been living together for two and a half years but can’t prove this on paper – joint ESB, rent, bank account, etc. What would you and Brian think we have to do, please? Thanks and thanks. read more

Maintenance but now unemployed

I was in a good job, paying €800 per month child support to my ex-wife for two children. I lost my job and now am unemployed but still paying €450 per month and she is not happy. She is threatening legal action. Does she have a case? Thanks. Mick. read more

Non National Taxi Drivers' Tax

Dil. Ask the solicitor how do Nigerian taxi-men get tax-free certificates, as most have never worked in Ireland. Paul, The Taxi Man. read more

Serious Error with Government Grant

For Legal Eagle. What is the punishment for company A getting a government grant between €50,000 and €100,000 by providing Tax Clearance Certificates of company B. Both companies share the same initials. read more

Speeding on way to hospital

Radio Solicitor. I got a speeding ticket on the way to the hospital with burnt two-year-old. I want to fight it in court. Should I? read more

Rights of surviving partner

Hi, my partner of sixteen years died recently. Do I have any rights? Her daughter is next of kin. She made no Will to my knowledge read more

Cost of 1st Legal consultation

Global Village – We hear of the fees that doctors and dentists charge. What do the solicitors charge for the average consultation without any follow-on work? Seamus. Dublin 9. read more

Expenses claims on Estate

Hi. I would like to know if my sister can claim flights home during her late father’s illness for 2 years and then more flights and car hire for the funeral. Thanks. Deirdre. read more

Evidence admissible in High Court

Is testimony in the Medical Council admissible in the High Court? read more

Are Estate Disclaimers enforceable?

My three sisters tried to make me lose my home although they signed Disclaimers 20 years ago. I was born here and never left. Elizabeth. read more

Time Limit on Threats?

Could you tell me if there is a statute of limitations on threatening to kill someone? The reason I ask is that my life has been threatened twice by an individual. B(Name supplied) read more

Shopping for legal fees

People say to shop around when getting a solicitor when buying a house. Is there a percentage solicitors charge for conveyance? Ann read more

Indefinite Job Contract

What protection does a contract of indefinite duration give you? I am not a civil servant but a worker in the public sector. Mary. read more

Loud Exhausts

Dil, please ask the Legal Eagle if there is a law against modified exhausts on cars that can be heard from the other side of the world. They do my head in! Dara in Cork. read more

More Noisy Neighbours

Noisy tenants next door. What are my legal rights as homeowner? How can I put a stop to it? Thanks – Dec. read more

Found money on the job

I work in retail. I recently found €200 handed in to the cash office. Nobody has collected it and I thought I would be in line to claim it after twelve months. I was told not. The money will go to “head office”. Is this normal? S. read more

Credit rating problem

I had a problem with a credit card but cleared it off a year ago. I now find my name in the Credit Bureau, which means that I can’t get a car loan or any other loan. How do I get my name off the Credit Bureau? Martin in Westmeath. read more

Reassigning Custody

I am separated from my partner since 2003 but had two kids with her and also have joint legal guardianship of them. Just got married to a very nice lady who is pregnant with my baby. She is very open to my desire to have all kids growing up together. My ex doesn’t work but my wife and I have good jobs with comfortable financial balance. How do I go about getting custody of my children as they are not getting the best standard of living they may likely get if they lived in my house? Dan. read more

Bank Error with €30,000

My nineteen-year-old got a statement from the bank to sat that he has a €30,000 withdrawal from his account which he never activated. We all got a dreadful shock at the time. He was told by the bank that an internal mistake was to blame. Should we have pursued this? Babs, Leixlip read more

Buying out interest in willed property

If a property is left to four persons, can one offer to buy the others out and do they have to accept. read more

Will made by alcoholic parent

If you have an alcoholic parent, can they exclude one child who has no independent means in a will. Michael. read more

Refusal of children to see Father

Joint custody, judicial separation. Do children under sixteen have a right to refuse to go to see their father? read more

Asylum Case Legal Costs

Who pays for the failed asylum seekers’ legal costs in the courts appeal system? Taxi Dave. read more

Anorak Moment open to NewsTalk Listeners

New NewsTalk Legal Competition read more

Bank's Duty of Care

Does a bank owe a duty of care to borrowers, depositors and investors. What is the extent of this duty? BS, Dublin 22. read more

€100 lost to property agent

I had agreed €50 a month to sell my foreign property. I terminated my business with the company but €100 has been taken since last March from my Laser. I get plenty of soft talk but no refund. Ed. read more

Asset split on separation

During separation what is the most likely division of assets? Joint mortgage plus joint savings account, plus very young children, plus wife. Had been higher earner throughout the last few years plus living in house with children. Is it always 50/50 split? read more

Jobs for Apprentices in the Law

Guys – Do you have any advice for a young apprentice? I was meant to go to Blackhall Place in September; however, my firm can no longer send me! Can’t find anything! Dom. read more

Cooker damaged on delivery

I bought a cooker on a promoted price at a main dealer in Dublin. It was all paid for and delivery was included in the price. When delivered one week later, the cooker broke coming off the truck. The retailer now wants to refund me my €200 because it was the last cooker on clearance. The original price was €700 and promoted price was €200. I want a €700 cooker as replacement and not a €200 cooker. Where do I stand? read more

Must I register tenancy with PRTB?

Is it the law strictly to register your tenants with the PRTB. If you don’t want, what are the consequences and is there a big backlog? Thanks. Gene. read more

Who owns farm?

How do I find out who owns a farm? read more

Using Common Ground

Would I have any rights to use common ground lane, running across between the back of my house and the back of another terrace? read more

Solicitor-v-OnLine Divorce Service

Listener Comment "DIY Divorce Bullshit. I had an excellent experience with a DIY service. €650...6 weeks...no problems...and very easy. He’s talking from self interest!!" read more

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